Synesthesia 101

by Frostbyte/Monovfox

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NOTE: There's a bonus song for downloads ;)

Alright, before you ask that question:


this link might help.

Synesthete = Someone with their senses crossed, they (Frost and I) experience a fusion of senses.

I see color whenever I hear music.
Frost sees everything (tastes, smells, physical sensations, emotion, music, other sound, etc.) with color, lucky man.

Now, onto the album.

Me and Frost met on Chipmusic when I posted a thread asking if there were any other synesthetes in the chiptunes scene. If it isn’t already obvious, Frost is one of the few other synesthetes. After talking a bit, we decided to do a dual-release, each of us tackling four tracks. One of the main reasons for this release is that we are tired of people asking us “what color is [blankety-blank crappy song]?”. My typical response to this is now “apathetic color” . So, in order to make people’s curiosity die down a b-- (which now that I think about it, I should use reverse psychology), I mean go up a bit about synesthesia, we have included the colors of each song in the title of each song, for you to wonder “what drug is he on”. No, we are not on drugs (atleast any mainstream ones). I sincerely hope you enjoy the album, it’s been a long journey (5 months).

Also, a big thank you to Frost, for sticking with me and this album throughout the past 5 months or so, it couldn’t have happened without you :D!

another thanks to:

ShedYourSkin (Deviantart) for the texture pack for the album cover


released January 1, 2012

Album Cover by Frostbyte
Tracks marked with M composed by Monovfox, tracks marked with F composed by Frostbyte.



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Frostbyte New Jersey

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